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Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi

managed by A. Schindl

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3 Classrooms for the Slum Children in India

Although, there are already some kind people helping the Children with food and basic Education, but, the children sit on muddy ground when they are learning. There is no chair, no table, no blackboard in the classrooms, but, they still come, because the School provides with simple lunch, or the children need to work as child labour for a piece of bread, and no time, no energy for learning.
Compare with other 300 Millions of starving children of the whole world, the 60 (45 come regularly) children come from Chandra Rajeswararao Nagar Slum are lucky enough to have a simple meal every day, and learning under hey-roofed classroom. But I think if we can make them feel more secured about future by providing them a basic good constructional classroom with black stoned ground,then they do not have sit on muddy ground during the raining seasons any more.
Oh! That’s the basic dignity a human needs.
3 Classrooms with Dignity----Yes.
Together we can make it!


11th lane, Srinivasaraothota

A. Schindl

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