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Mending Walls

managed by p. sudarshan

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Beloved Brother and Sisters,

Greetings in most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope you are doing well and we do the same with you. It is my great honour and privilege to meet you through this letter.

This is Pastor Suarshan from Indian coast. I have been ministering in the midst of fishing villages of Indian coast where there is 90% of illiteracy and tribal villages where there is 100% illiteracy.
Here I would like to give my short testimony to you all.
As name of my ministry is Mending Walls, God is giving me opportunity to mend the lives of the people in the darkness. Many more wall to be mended in the days to come.

I would like to start my testimony with my fathers. My father’ name is Pastor Philip, God called Him in his youth. He left everything he had and went to a village to where God led him. The village people did not allow him to be there and to share the word of God. Because the villages were filled with many gods and goddesses. And at the time the people in the villages were 100% illiterates. Not only that most of the people are drunkard and stubborn.

My father and mother struggled lot in those situations. My mother was a great prayer warrior. She used to pray 15 hours a day.

In such a way they ministered for 50 years in those difficult situations.

They have no food, shelter, clothes and even footwear to keep their feet from the heat of the sand in the summer season. They wore a single dress for years, they drank only water for many days, and they got shelter in the shades of trees in the jungle. But they did not give up, they spread the gospel from village to village and they covered nearly 100 fishing villages in their 50 years of ministry.

I am the last son of my parents and God gave a promise for me and God Himself named me Darshan, means Vision. My vision is to preach the Gospel to every corner of the world.

I have been in ministry for 20 years. At the age of 15, God called me and spared me for His ministry with a great vision. Right from the day I have been ministering among fishing villages and tribal villages with life and death situations. But God strengthened me for His ministry. I completed my Biblical studies along with my ministry in the villages. It became very difficult for me to continue my studies on one and doing ministry on other hand. By the grace of God I completed my M.Div degree successfully.

Then started again fulltime ministry and I too struggled so much for His ministry. My father and mother taught doing ministry with tears but not with might. I had struggled for food, clothes and every need in my life. I used to collect some fruits from the jungles for my food. Because nobody did offer me even water in my ministry days. I wore the torn clothes, patching the holes with paper. So some villagers stoned me many times, and some people tried to kill me. But God saved me from every evil and God lift my head the villages.

Now the situations in the villages somewhat okay. By the grace of God now we have some believers in every village where my father and I stepped in and the fruit of the gospel is now coming to reap. Praise be the Lord.

In 2008, my mother went to be with the Lord. It was a great shock for me. Her prayers are great strength for me. I was very much depressed with my mother’ death. But God promised so many blessings after her death.

Now I have house churches in every fishing village. I have some youth groups. My vision is to reach everyone in fishing villages. So I trained some co-labours along with me and we together working in the fishing villages and tribal villages. I have a orphan children family. My vision is to raise the orphans for His ministry.
God gave me a banner named Gospel For Every Creature (GFEC). Vision of my banner is
1. Church plantation
2. Orphan Children homes
3. Pastoral care and support
4. Literacy Evangelism
5. Outreach programs
6. Hospitals or Clinics for Orphans
7. Handy Crafts training institutes
8. Widows care
9. Conducting the seminars for the pastors to equip them with the word of God and for their encouragement.

The purpose of these above things is to reach the everyone at any cost.

I don’t have even an own house and anything but Jesus. The faith in Him is strength for me. I did not ask God for this worldly needs. He is faithful, o He will supply all my needs.

My only need it to reach the each and everyone in India other countries globally with the love of Jesus. I cannot tolerate when millions of my people going to be perished. I work for the salvation of the people until my last breath.

Beloved, I am not expecting any financial support from you. Because, I started my ministry with faith and prayers but not with money. Without a single penny in our hands, we have done a successful ministry. We need only your prayer support and your encouragement.

I need some ministers and evangelists to equip my pastors with the word of God, then they will be successful in their ministry and they influence many more people. If we teach a pastor, he will surely influence thousands of people. If a seed is sown, we will have more seeds.

So you are mostly welcome to share the word of God and we always need your prayer support as it changes everything.

If God inspires you, you will be an inspiration for many people here.

Here is my e-mail, mobile number and Skype address. You can call me or email me or let us talk together with Skype.

Mobile Number:9494004440

Skype Id: pastor.darshan

Thank you so much for reading my testimony sparing your precious time.
Thanking you,
Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Sudarshan



p. sudarshan

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