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Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts

managed by D. Harrison

About us

What We Do: The Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts is a community school that teaches musical theatre technique in a systematic and integrated curriculum of voice, dance and drama. The Lundstrum Center offers hope to youth who daily face the reality of life in the most crime-ridden and poorest neighborhoods of the Twin Cities.

The Lundstrum Center offers curriculum at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Three semesters of class work are offered annually, as well as intensive workshops. Currently, the Lundstrum Center offers the following four primary programs.
• The Performing Arts Program (ages 3-12) addresses the interests and needs of the community with classes that provide a compelling introduction to performing arts, such as hip-hop, tap, jazz, and “tap and percussion”—specifically geared towards boys—as well as a more traditional curriculum that includes ballet, drama, voice, and musical theater performance.
• Self Development through the Arts curriculum builds self-confidence, poise, self-discipline and promotes health and wellness for students of varying abilities with participation in dance, voice/music, and drama fundamentals. LCPA partners with the Minneapolis School District (K-12) and local nonprofit organizations to provide after-school and summer programs.
• The Broadway Arts Conservatory (ages 12 - adult) offers intensive preparation for post-secondary coursework and/or professional careers in performing arts.
• Career Development through the Arts (professional and pre-professional) is a unique program that stems from the original vision of founder Dorothy Lundstrum. This program is geared towards students with professional aspirations in the arts. The program focuses on goal setting, skill development and audition readiness.


1617 N. 2nd Street

D. Harrison

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