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About us

Tools for Individuals, Professionals, Governmental-­/ and NGO’s
A community based bottom-­‐up training and technology package; classified as a tool, method and structure of
communication to empower transparency in international cooperation and participatory projects


Responses to disasters like the tsunami in Thailand have shown that people are now developing a growing interest in social (philanthropic), economical and environmental development within international cooperation.
This development is strongly associated with the opportunities that Web 2.0 has opened up with his "social media".
During the Arab spring the use of “new medias” such as Facebook or YouTube have demonstrated the way they can affect political changes in a democratic manner.

At participation in sustainable development today, people want above all transparency. They want to serve a purpose and recognize a meaning in the commitment. Supporters want to understand what they are helping for.
The 3 most visited sites worldwide are a search engine, a social-media player and an online video platform.
This clearly demonstrates the potential of such online services for the future.

Project foreword:

Today, Video has developed into an inexpensive and widespread medium, thereby gaining access to numerous applications and various user groups.
The spreading possibilities multiplied substantially through the Internet as well as through mobile phones. The basic training has not kept pace with the technical development, even though relatively simple technical and journalistic skills would suffice to produce meaningful and effective video contributions in various social situations. Being a visual and oral medium, video is strongly present and can reach all people, even the illiterate.
The focus of CAMEO is thus in enabling, facilitating and enhancing social interaction trough new media.
An education and technology package for documentary media within the range of project Documentation for sustainable development.
Community-, NGO- and Educational TV, Social- and Participative Work or Peace building are other examples were CAMEO could act in.

Project Overview:

The educational and technology package CAMEO provides
• Efficient basic training for future local video journalists / -documentarists and instructors in a two-step-procedure (see below – Modules Overview)
• An interactive Video guide (in development) which complements private study and is the backbone of the training program
• A low-cost HDV Video production kit and its paraphernalia (microphone, manual, backpack, etc.)
A partnership to a constructor is focused to optimize and guarantee the state of the art Status of the Tools
• An online platform that has the aim to facilitate interaction, collaboration and sharing of content.

CAMEO also
• Provides uncensored content from those directly affected (intrinsically)
• Evaluates the work and support the users
• CAMEO is a window into peoples/projects life
• Transcends barriers and evokes emphatic communities
• Provides video story-telling capabilities that allows anyone to express, connect and share


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