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Medical Africa International

managed by Steven Markson K.

About us

Medical Africa International abbreviated as “MAI” is registered as a non-government organization (S-5914/9959) devoted to child health development and emancipation. This includes providing of care and assistance to poor families in order they achieve temperate standards of livings. Poor families are people who cannot depend on their own to provide care and assistance; it is this, which distinguishes them from other wealthy families. However, because these families have no access to family aid from their governments, that is why MAI coordinates the international community and other non-governmental organization to make special arrangements to respond to their particular plight.

Our Mission

To improve holistic development and good health in the community focusing on the social, emotional and spiritual needs through supportive systems that shall ensure the next generation.


To realize communities in a good health environment with quality education and adequate standards of living

Our Key Objective

We carry out activities in the fields of promoting medical care and health; supporting programs for health training; improving holistic development in churches and communities; providing formal education to children and youths.


Wakiso Town

Steven Markson K.

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