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Yiddish Farm

managed by W. Bass

About us

Dear Friends of Yiddish Farm,

The month of Adar is upon us and with Purim also comes the reminder that Peysekh and spring are just around the corner. Here on the farm we have been working all throughout the winter to prepare for the coming season of inspirational and lebedike programs.

After completing the greenhouse with the help of Golus-Festival performer Harry Sweet and a crew of countless volunteers, we shifted our focus back to the farmhouse, cleaning it out and preparing it to serve as welcoming programming space. We opened the house for guests in honor of Shabbos V'yeegash, where 14 Yiddish speakers from diverse backgrounds and levels of observance celebrated the biblical Jewish migration to Goshen.

As it became clear that this would be a mild-winter, work resumed outside. Farm manager, Yisroel Bass led efforts to clear the former barnyard and provide a space for farm animals this season. This was no small task, and couldn't have been completed without our team of dedicated volunteers from the Monroe Yeshiva.

Today, we have received both our seeds and over ten applications for our immersive summer programs. In order to provide the bodn (ground) for both our plants and our fellows, several projects must be accomplished in the coming months.

- We must prepare the upland field for planting. Our upland field is a beautiful 4 acres with southern views of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, however years of neglect necessitate several steps to be taken. This includes clearing the brush, replacing the well-pump, installing an irrigation system, erecting deer-fencing, and plowing. Last years floods served as a stark reminder that we cannot risk focusing all our production on low-land black dirt.

- We must begin to address the housing and sanitation needs of our summer programs. This will include the building of tent-platforms, temporary cabins, and composting toilets.

- We must construct and stock an equipment shed with all the hoes, shovels, seeders, and various other equipment we will need for the season.

The estimated cost of these projects is $15,000.

Whether you have participated in our programs or tracked our progress on Twitter and Facebook, I am calling on you to make a tax-deductible donation today. Help us reach our goal of $15,000 before March, 23rd (Rosh Khoydesh Nisan). Whatever you can give will provide for the growth and success of our Yiddish Farm Community.

A freylikhn purim,

Yiddish Farm


71 Dzierzek Lane
New Hampton

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