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A. Madalina’s fundraising event

About "House of hope" Romania


What's it about?

The Foundation "House of Hope" is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, humanitarian organization, which supports the integration into society of persons with neuro-psycho-motor disabilities.
We started the organization in 1995 and the objectives since then have been the guidance of person’s with disabilities and their families.
In our organization are inlisted 80 families who have disabled persons, which are selected based on:
* the certificate of admission to a degree of disability,
* social investigations in which specific family income
* material and documents proving the family's financial status.
In particular, we receive single-parents, knowing how difficult their situation is. We took into account the desires of the family and their children in order to help them socialize and not abandon them in a center for irrecoverable persons.
We have people with disabilities over 18 years old who participate in various activities held in day-care centers. We put special emphasis on sports activities, our organization is a member of Special Olympics, with diplomas and medals,with records showing just how seriously they are prepared.
Although the center is a modest equiped, this daily program shows how these young people proves their desire to integrate in society.

In order to continue in our programs, we developed a project called " Parents School " where 2 times per month we discuss topics in various fields,also family counseling, and try to come to their aid . We have a group of travelling voluntares who regularly visit families that have childrens with major disabilities that cannot come to our center.

In summer, we have a Seminar called "Summer School" which completes the knowledge need of the families. This seminar is intended to reduce abandonment of children with major disabilities and to encourege the families into reintegrating them in the comunity.
Also we celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities, followed by the Christmas holidays, with Christmas Carols and gifts from Santa Claus, children's birthdays and family members, etc..

All these activities are supported by volunteers as: students from universities of Iasi, authorities, directions as well as other Non-gouvernamental organizations aimed at integration into society of persons with disabilities.

We come with the pleed for assistance in these projects, knowing as well as you do how difficult is the situation of these poor families who have experienced a mean system, prohibiting access to socialization and integration in society.

We thank you in advance for your patience with this material,and we pray to God for your good health, and to give you growth and power to be generous with those who came into the world with little luck.

A. Madalina

A. Madalina announced this fundraising event on 11 February 2012.

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