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Michael K.’s fundraising event

Internet-access for Ugandan ecovillage activist


What's it about?

My wish is to work towards building a resourceful and productive group of young activists in Africa.

I am a male Ugandan, with IT background and skills in Geographical Informations Systems and development of web applications. I have several years experience in on-line-volunteering for humanitarian causes. I am the co-founder of Students for Global Democracy Uganda ( )

Now I am working also as Administrator for the African Ecovillage Network website ( ). I face a permanent challenge to have Internet access. Most of my work has to be done online and at the same time I have to be liasing with people on the grass roots. Only in the city exist Internet-cafes. On the rural areas, where Indigenous settlements and Refugee camps take place, where communciation is needed most, no Internet is available for me.

Currently I am also involved as an online volunteer with info4disasters ( )

A company called Orange is offering mobile internet through a modem. This would allow me to work more effective for a better place in Uganda and Africa. The ecovillage-movement has the potential to give people a perspective, real hope, helpful informations and connections.

These links show rates charged by the service provider:

I would need to acquire the platinum package because this is the volume of data that I can work with doing web-development. Currently I can only access Internet through the University hot spot but it is limited to me being at the University, yet I travel in different parts of the country to meet the local settlements.

The price of 450 Euro per year is by far too much for me. Only rich people and foreigners can effort that. Local social and ecological activists have no chance to pay this sum.

I need mobile internet access to pursue my heart's desire to work towards helping out fellow young people and the marginalised in my society who can not access most of the information that is readily available on-line but is not made available on the MASS MEDIA in most of Africa.

I would be very grateful if you donate to my project!

Michael K.

Michael K. announced this fundraising event on 11 November 2011.

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