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W. Heep (Nicaragua AG Leverkusen e.V.)’s fundraising event

Chinadega Help Team


What's it about?

Project title: Prevention of violence, crime and loitering of young people with tendency of forming criminal gangs in the community of Chinandega/Nicaragua

Localisation: Community of Chinndega (town and roral area)

Organisations: - Asociation Chinantlan, Town Partnership office,
- survey of the juvenil groups by the National police of Chinadega,
- Casa de Joven Voluntario Damaris Alvarado Olivier,
- Federacion de Soccer of Chinandega

Executive coordinator of the project: Ricardo Leonel Manzanares
(Oficial de la Policia Nacional de Chinandega)

Sum of the project: 15 000 US$

In the poor outskirts of Chinandega exist among the young people a climate of boredom, loitering and drug consume with forming of gangs, which leads to acts of violence and juvenil deliquency.

In order to give to the young people an alternative of their social desolation, we developed the idea of founding a soccer playing organisation, where teams of the quarters play a competition against each other.

We believe that in sportive engagement exits a possibility of improving the situation of youth in the socially deprived areas and reducing the acts of violence. The chance of competing by means of playing soccer between the quarters will bring a positive mental effect as well as an improvement of the social situation for the young people. The positive effect would become obvious immeadiatly as a general reduction of violence in the quarters.

General aim:

Improvement of the social conditions (reduction of violence, crime, destruction and drug consume) of 51 000young people, who live in diffcult social situation in 25 quarters, outskirs and rural areas of Chinandega, by founding a soccer league with playing grounds and the necessary equipment and activities (with participation of the community) for a period of three years.

W. Heep (Nicaragua AG Leverkusen e.V.)

W. Heep (Nicaragua AG Leverkusen e.V.) announced this fundraising event on 12 January 2009.

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