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Era N.’s fundraising event

Rea's fundraising event


What's it about?

I have been dreaming that one day my son would be a doctor or a pilot or an educator but that was just a dream. Clarence in his 4th age was diagnosed with developmental delays. He should have been in therapies but unfortunately we're unfortunate. I sent clarence in a regular public school hoping that he would soon make it. One day in a school program, Clarence wa so hesitant in joining his group so I asked him "why?" he said in broken words, "they might not want me there" I asked him if he wants to perform and he said "yes" so i said "go, show them that you can " but instead of following my advice, he sat in the corner with teary eyes and watch his group perform. Clarence developed his inferiority complex in a regular school because he knew that he is different, it was my fault believing that he could be a normal student in a normal school. His teacher kept on telling me that he is different but I had this denial feeling. I dropped him out of school though I know how much he wanted be in school. Clarence kept on saying "they don't want me" I told him that he is special and we love him so much that we will send him in a nicer school. In the past weeks that he was out of school, I kept on watching him...teary eyed when he sees a class mate pass by to school. Sometimes he wears his uniform and carries his bag pretending that he is heading out to school. I pity my son so much! how could i send him to a speacial school when we had to pay 10 mos,salary of my husband for it. I have two more children to take care of, I loved them very much. Clarence needs a special attention, I hope some people have a good heart helping a precious boy as my son Clarence.

Era N.

Era N. announced this fundraising event on 01 November 2011.

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