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Christoph M.’s fundraising event

Art Training Institute Naivasha, Kenia


What's it about?

After the general elections 2007/08 violence erupted in the Rift Valley and came to an devastating end in the Town of Naivasha, where people were murdered and mutilated on the streets. Not only were children among the victims, but they also had to witness the sudden brake out of violence and horrible scenes of sheer brutality commited by neighbours against neighbours based on a solid ground of ethnic divisions and tribalistic politics. This exceptional event only illustrates the need for a space of peace, understanding and true freedom of expression, a place where sorrows and hopes are made explicit by visualizing them, working with them, transforming them in a creative process. Art is the perfect platform for changing perceptions, not changing the real world but creating a basis for future change by creating awareness, sensitivity and hope among the people who will be and are the ones shaping this world.

Help me to help them to establish an art training institute focusing on visual arts, crafts and art therapy in Naivasha, Kenia. The vision is big and will need a lot of passion, time and some money to be realized, but i am sure its worth trying to make this place a better place by teaching children as well as adults in new ways of thinking about their society and environment, helping them to develop a creative and autonomous understanding and to cope with the hardships they have to face in their everyday life. An existing network of artists located in Kenya as well as abroad can be maintained and workshops and events will help to further expand it.

As two of the founders, Sane and Eunice Wadu, are well known kenyan artists with a long history of not only professional painting but also in art education, with their experiences and skills they will be able to expand their current work to a bigger scale and to have a real impact on society not only at Naivasha but by inspiring people all over Kenya. They will be able to fund at least 15% of the overall project costs themselve and are already registered as a non-governmental organisation called 'Sane Wadu Arts Trust'. A plot big enough for building the facility is beautifully located outside town.

I am fortunate to live with them at their home, as a family member, during the time i am working for a research project in the area. I have seen how they inspire and help the community, how they are giving some children the opportunity to develop skills and gain confidence, to adopt respect towards others and themselfs. I really hope they will be able to shift their efforts to a bigger scale, to create a longlasting and sustainable institution to shape the face of society towards the better.

Details, background and further informations see below.

Concept Note
For the Construction of a Contemporary Arts Training Institute (CATI)

This is a Concept Note of a project proposal made by Sane Wadu Arts TrustS, in Naivasha,
Kenya, for the construction of a training institution for contemporary arts.
The project proposed involves laying down the infrastructure that is necessary to provide the
relevant interventions and mitigations in the underutilization and recognition of the present
human and talent developments and communications through contemporary arts, as the
medium. Worldwide, it is accepted and believed that artwork is a medium which when positively
used, may shape the destiny of a nation, the Republic of Kenya being no exception. lt has been
established that this medium well used is a powerful and effective weapon for fighting social,
economic and political vices, in both public and private forum.
The project on completion will provide willing participants with adequate facilities for learning
and promoting their art talents through practical and experimenting with different ideas and
models. The facilities to be put in place will involve construction of classrooms, workshops,
laboratories, showrooms and a mini-exhibition hub.
Other items earmarked for the implementation of the project are a short-term proportionate
value of consumable materials, administration costs as well as the required tools, machinery and
Sane Wadu Arts Trust is the project sponsor and promoter. This is a non-governmental organization
(NGO) formed and managed for the sole purpose of rehabilitating the destitute, local youths,
orphans, people living with Aids (PLWAs) and street families through training the beneficiaries
on various aspects of contemporary arts. Other similar training projects that have been
implemented by the sponsor have been very successful indeed. Worth noting is that, two of the
3 directors of the organization are seasoned and respected artists, who have traveled widely on
arts and art related missions.
The programme will include regular training courses that will focus on critical and positive
thinking, sketch work, marketing, costing and sale of artwork.

The expected results are that on completion of the project, the course participants will have the
necessary infrastructure that will assist them to develope the necessary skills in art
communication, values conveyance, marketing of services and costing of artwork. All these will
be geared to provision of self-employment and self-reliance.
As opposed to line arts, contemporary art involves critical thinking and coming up with a
completely new idea that largely has no resemblance to any other. The thought is then developed
and communicated through various different mediums such as oil paintings, acrylics, etching,
silk screening, and sculpturing.
The project is estimated to have an over all cost of about US Dollars 14,285, say Kenya
Shillings Fifteen Million (Kes. 15.00m) only. Of this, the project sponsor is ready and willing to
inject 15.00 per cent of the total project cost. The sponsor through this project proposal seeks
for the difference, US Dollars 12,145 for the successful completion of the project.

Naivasha Town, sandwiched between Nairobi and Nakuru towns in the Republic of Kenya, has
been experiencing spiraling population growth as a result of horticultural and flower farms
sprouting around Lake Naivasha. These have promoted rural-urban migration of prospective
employees. Other major employers in Naivasha are the local tourist hotels, the game parks, the
local industries and underground power generation plants, Olkaria Geothermal stations.
These have given rise to very high population growth, which the town has not been able to
sustain, as a majority of the jobs generated are seasonal and operates according to the flower-
growing season. This has driven the young people to desperation and frustration. These are the
people who are targeted by the institution to be led to a more fuller and worthwhile life.

The promoters of the training institution are highly respected people in the field of arts, through
the sponsor, Sane Wadu Arts Trust. Two of the directors are well-rounded accomplished artist who
have traveled widely and held presentations and exhibitions worldwide. Further, the sponsor has
implemented other various and varied programmes in the field of training the youth and others
who are interested, in art and craftwork. Key among them is the Kuona Trust Outreach
Programme, Phase I through to Phase IV, which were developed and implement so as to
provide and equip up-coming artists with the necessary skills for infomiation dissemination and
sustainability of their art skills. In this programme over 240 upcoming artists gained valued
training, support and exposure, which they have gainfully benefited from. The benefits have
been in form of value addition in their artwork, sourcing for raw materials, marketing skills, and
presentation skills. The list of referees who have come across their initiatives and recommended
is available on request. In addition, the promoters’ samples of their artwork are available as
either file attachments or soft copies.

The main objective of this initiative is to help the youth and the public in general to appreciate
the work of arts as a source of income in poverty alleviation, aiding in behavioral change and in
calculating positive human values. These are the areas that the institute will delve into in
attaining its goals.

Other basic objectives that will be assimilated in the project implementation are training the
local community, with special emphases on youth single mothers, in acquiring and improving
their professional skills in contemporary visual arts and crafts.
Further, to assist the trainees on acting responsibly, management skills and self-reliance
techniques for their economic development.
Lastly, counseling and impart positive community integration skills that will render them reliable
and upright members of the society.


a). Financing Distribution
Sponsors Contribution 16.00 1,568,700
Development Partner’s (Sought) Contribution 84.00 8,486,500
Total 100.00 15,000.000

The promoters are prepared and ready to inject over 15.0 per cent of the total project cost. This
will comprise of the land on which the project will be elected, materials at hand, motor vehicle
and part of proceeds from their present stock of artwork. Full breakdown of promoters’
commitment and values is available on request.

1) Sane Wadu Arts Trust
Attention to: Sane Wadu Mbugua
Training Director/ Coordinator
Sane Wadu Arts Trust
Kenyatta Avenue
P O Box 387 20117
Telephone: 254 050 20 30 180
Cell-phone: 254 0734 783 065
Naivasha, KENYA.
The e-mail address below can be used to reach us

These declarations are is ued out to our Development Partner(s), DPs, for
the purpose of Contemporary Arts Training Institution, CATI, by SANE
Wadu Arts Trust and in which we bind ourselves and declare unconditionally

Declaration I

1) The information contained herein is true and correct to the best of
our knowledge, understanding and belief.
2) Sane Wadu Arts Trust will render the best services to the best of the
national and international standards once the project is approved for
financing and implementation.
3) We bind ourselves to take full control and charge and absolve our
Development Partner(s), DPs, in the event of failure on performance that
may arise as a result of negligence or ignorance that may occur from us,
our staff, our agents, appointees or associates, in the performance of
this contract.
4) We undertake to compensate our Development Partner(s), DPs, to the
tune and extent of the losses that may have been incurred in the
event of failure to deliver on the contract so given and that will
include all other incidental costs that will have been generated

Declaration II

We underscore the importance of a free, fair and competitive procurement process
that precludes fraudulent use. In this respect we have neither offered nor granted,
directly or indirectly, any inadmissible advantages to any public sen/ants or other
persons in connection with our proposal, nor will we offer or grant any such
incentives or conditions in the present project proposal process or, in the event that
we are awarded the grant, or in the subsequent execution of the grant.
We also underscore the importance of adhering to minimum social standards ("Core
Labor Standards") in the implementation of the project. We undertake to comply with
the Core Labor Standards ratitied by the Republic of Kenya.
We will inform our staff about their respective obligations and about their obligation
to fulfill this declaration of undertaking and to obey the Laws of the Republic of

These declarations are binding and enforceable, in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Kenya.

They have been signed on this 5"' day of June, the year of our Lord 2006.

Signed... Eunice W Kahuria Date...5th June 2006.


The Board Chairperson/ Director

For & On Behalf of: Sane Wadu Arts Trust

Christoph M.

Christoph M. announced this fundraising event on 12 October 2011.

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