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K. Nuah’s fundraising event


What's it about?

NEEDS OF THE ORPHANS The greatest needs of the orphans are as follows: SHELTER. The children who are absorbed into the extended families face the problem of over crowding as there are hardly enough rooms, beds, and beddings for them. Those who do not have relatives go to the street to fend for themselves. FEEDING Most families in Cameroon and the North West Region leave a subsistent life. Having to feed ant extra mouths will be a burden to any families as most children barely have meal a day to their satisfaction. CLOTHING Clothes are considered a luxery for them so some of them own about 2 or 3 clothes. BASIC MEDICAL CARE Due to economic crisis, most families can barely afford medical care. Most orphans who are extra burden on the extended families and would be the first to be neglected health wise. EDUCATION Quite often, orphans absorbed in to families are exploited to work for them and so few can be considered to go to school. Where this is not possible, they don’t go beyond primary school level. And those who manage to go to school are usually not equipped with books, uniforms and fees.

K. Nuah

K. Nuah announced this fundraising event on 06 July 2011.

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