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godfrey's fundraising event

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godfrey o.’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Kokamama is a village woman in pokot and a mother of three children.Kokamama's husband sent her away after she gave birth to triple girls.The husband claimed she was bewitched and sent her away thereafter bringing in another woman.Kokamama has walked through thick and thin in trying to give children the best a mother can despite all the challenges.There are currently many pokot women who are suffering in silence,hoping that salvation will come.The government has done a little to rescue such women,leaving them at the mercies of their tormentors.What pokot women need is empowerment through education and training so that they may learn to be self independent.With illeteracy level currently at more than 90% ,the government is left with a daunting task in trying to meet its MDG number 1 and 2 concerning kicking extreme poverty and education for all.The government however,cannot do this alone,we all have a role to play in trying to help.As brothers and sisters,and citizens of the world- we can volunteer our time and resources in trying to bring a smile to the faces of these women.Support my cause by donating to better place,any amount though may seem like a drop in the ocean, will help much in improving the life of these women and their children.

godfrey o.

godfrey o. announced this fundraising event on 14 May 2011.

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