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Ulrike v.’s fundraising event

mobilising the Uli network 2011


What's it about?

hello - there is a new fundraising event for 2012 ... please contribute there! thank you :-)


hello dear friends

as you may well know, I am involved in a variety of community initiatives in Cairo, where I do live since almost 14 years.

It is well past my birthday (this year), and also Easter (this year), but ... for sure there will be christmas later this year, and two eids are coming up, too, so: I would like to invite you to show your support not just with words but also with some financial contribution. And last but not least, the time is always right giving to and investing in worthwhile ventures, isn't it ;-)

In exchange, you will receive more or less regular updates on what we are up to (here at the Heliopolis coworking-space-in-the.making, with Midan El Osra childrens' clothes 2nd hand sales, with initiatives aiming to develop alternative education opportunities in Cairo, etc etc) and which projects are benefitting how from the work done at and through the emerging Cairo coworking community.

Furthermore, your contributions will be partially refunded, if you wish so: you can to use them to pay for staying/working at the coworking space, or for sightseeing tours with realllllly, rrrrrreallllly knowledgeable social-venture minded guides ;-) and whatever else you could think of.
You simply need to come visit us sooner or later - and yes, this is to encourage tourism, too!

The target for 2011 is set at EUR 4,000.-, corresponding to annual operating cost of the current workspace here in Rasheed St., and to be used as a start-up investment for next steps in 2012.
The plan is to move to the REAL locatíon in 2012.

A proper crowdfunding plan with budget and all is being developed over the summer, and yes, it will be available for everyone interested to support and invest!

We have now started a bigger movement, not just about one coworking space with a mission, but to look into how we can liberate spaces that are not yet used to their full potential.
Part of the money raised will be used to cover operating cost of our current space, used as a base for this movement.

For additional questions, comments, offers of support, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Ulrike v.

Ulrike v. announced this fundraising event on 11 May 2011.

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