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Empowering Girls and Women in Ugandan Slums

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i. kakembo’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Empowering Girls and Women in Urban Slums, is an entrepreneurial skills Development Project, developed and being implemented by Uganda Youth Soccer Academy to benefit Orphaned Girls, widowed women and Single Mothers in Urban Slums in Uganda.

Why girls and Women

empower-girlsImproving girls and women lives. As an educated Girl or mother, an active citizen and an ambitious entrepreneur, or prepared employee, they can break the cycle of poverty.

Despite their proven potential, in Uganda Today , many are uneducated, child bride, targeted as sex workers, raped and exposed to HIV/AIDS, girls and Women in Urban Slums have turned to fetching water and wood rather than learning to read and write and many Girls bear children while they are still children themselves. The world has been missing out on a tremendous Economic opportunity for change.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Create Conditions that Support and Value Girls and Women in Urban Slums. Through this Project Women and Girls will be trained in Skills of their own Choice, as a Strategy to Empower them to be able to Generate Income for their daily needs. Through this Project, Girls and Women will be trained in making HandCrafts, this includes Baskets, Mats, Trays, Table Mats, Door Mats etc that they can easily sell off up town, other skillsempower-girls-2 that will be provided include Commercial Cookery and Bakery, where they are taught to make Cookies, Pan Cakes, Donuts, Bans, Bread etc. On the other they will also be trained how Rear Rabbits, Pigs, and Chicken and lastly also we will train them in Horticulture this involves growing of Tomatoes, Cabbages, Egg Plants, Passion fruits and many others. After one year of this Project, 60% or the Project Beneficiaries will be able to Earn money and meet their basic needs; some even are able to pay for their own School fees

Funding Appeal

With this appeal, Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is requesting for funds to establish demonstration Bakery, Horticulture gardens for training purposes, funds to empowering-girls-3establish seed beds to multiply passion fruits, Avocadoes, Paw paws, seedlings for distribution, funds to buy handcraft materials, utensils for commercial cookery, Help us pay the trainers, buying project training equipments, providing small start up revolving loans.

i. kakembo

i. kakembo announced this fundraising event on 01 May 2011.

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