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L. karungi’s fundraising event

Kiruhura Vocational and Orphans Home


What's it about?

The John Skeel Missionary Foundation (JSMF) is a non-denominational Christian organization. JSMF stated purpose is to promote self development by providing local teachers for vocational training and adult literacy classes. These classes will be primarily taught in remote rural areas of Uganda at low or no cost to attendees. Our plan includes being a "green" corporation by having JSF plant a minimum of 1,000 musizi trees each year on our own land or land adjacent to churches built by Servants of the King (over 400 of them have been built to date in Uganda). These trees will be suitable for timber in approximately 10 years. This project alone should produce enough income so our classes can eventually be self funded. Our basic philosophy is to give people the skills for self development and not just a hand out that might be gone in a week or two.

a. Tuition assistance for needy children and young adults – estimated expenditure is $5,000.
b. Continue to develop Vocational schools in Kiruhura and Kabale. Construct two three room school buildings: the first one is located within a Presbyterian church in Palisa district where there are approximately 125 students using the church to go to grades P-1 to P- 5. The second three room school building is located on our leased land in Kiruhura. Estimated expenditure is $5,000 for the school building in Palisa and $10,000 for the three room school room already started in Kiruhura. We will continue to lease space in Kabale for our sewing classes for about $500 a year.
c. The third program is our Forestry and Farming program that we run on approximately 500 acres in Kiruhura. This year I want to plant another 2-5000 trees (last year we planted 2000 cypress trees). I also want to add to are farm animal program – sheep, turkeys, rabbits and castrated bull caves (we already have 20 chickens, 30 cows and 40+ goats). Estimated expenditure for this program is $3,500.

L. karungi

L. karungi announced this fundraising event on 13 April 2011.

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