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F. Gottwald’s fundraising event birthday photo 2011


What's it about?

After celebrating my birthday recently, I thought of those people in the world that needed help and support to overcome their struggles. And with all the news about global warming and the destruction of our planet, I figured out that something had to be done. We all share this world and with your help, I want to create a better future for all of us!
So this is what I am doing to help:

1. I upload a photo on for everyone to enjoy! See thumbnail in right-upper corner and check it out in full-size at
2. Using I selected a four projects from around the world and started a fundraising event.
3. For every two clicks this specific photo receives until 30 April 23:59:59 UTC, I will donate one cent and put it in the pot.
4. NOW YOU CAN HELP TOO! Click on the photo to make sure that more and more money is donated.Tell your friends, co-workers, spread the word in forums, on facebook and twitter. The more clicks we get, the better for those that need our help. If you want to support me so I don't have to pay for everything myself (it was my birthday, remember?), you are welcome to give a little something, using either direct debit from your account, a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or paypal. It does not matter if you give one cent or a million, every amount is appreciated! You do not have to register and you can choose to support betterplace or not.

1.000 clicks - 5 Euros
10.000 clicks - 50 Euros
25.000 clicks - 125 Euros
60.000 clicks - 300 Euros
1 mio clicks - 5000 Euros

And remember: we only have until 30 April 23:59:59 UTC to collect as much money as possible!

Thank you very much for your support,

Felix Gottwald

F. Gottwald

F. Gottwald announced this fundraising event on 11 April 2011.

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