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Diamond F.’s fundraising event

Help Africa


What's it about?


A new and unique system called The Triangle = local family-child-sponsorfamily
Help Africa is founded by Danish Kim Madsen. It is estimated that more than two million children in Uganda are orphans as a result of loosing parents due to fatal diseases like AIDS, Malaria and other infections.
The purpose of Help Africa is to give children in need money to pay the boarding school fee and to give a grant to its poor family if the child has a family. If he or she does not have a family the money will go to a qualified foster family to secure a good home instead of living in an orphanage.
Help Africa has two employees working from the office in the centre of Kampala, Uganda and also an accountant. They make sure that the foster families and the schools every month get the money from the sponsors and they make sure that the children are well taken care of by the foster families.

The donations are mainly used as a buffer to prevent unexpected hardships or accidents from causing further distress amongst the children and their new relatives, to aid in situations which otherwise would require additional non-existing funds to cover, like in case of a family suddenly losing their home, for treatment of sickness or diseases, to cover lost income due to injuries among working family members, if a sponsor family stop supporting, or other misfortunes.

Donations are also used to buy vitamins, protein shakes, and mosquito nets, which are given away as part of events, or as street donations to the poor in the slums.
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Diamond F.

Diamond F. announced this fundraising event on 07 April 2011.

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