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D. Edmonds’s fundraising event

Run for the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq


What's it about?

Dear all.

After tutoring the cellos for the past two summer courses with the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, I have decided to participate in a fund raising half marathon in aid of supporting the coming 2011 summer academy. This year holds a particular financial challenge, as the Orchestra will be performing in one of Germany’s major music festivals. There will be a two-week summer academy held in Kurdistan, Iraq followed by a trip to Germany to perform in the Beethovenfest, Bonn with conductor Paul Macalindin and solo violinist Arabella Steinbacher.

From working on the previous courses and meeting the people from different ethnicities, religions and regions of Iraq, I can say that this project is truly amazing. There has been much conflict between the different religions and cultures in Iraq, which has affected the lives of everyone in this orchestra. However, the NYOI has proven that there are ways for the people of various beliefs to work together through the means of music.

Many of these people have never left Iraq and may never get the chance to do so. Through their incredible commitment and hard work, they have already demonstrated that they can perform at a level, which some other youth orchestras would aspire to.

You can help towards giving the opportunity to these wonderful individuals, to further their aspirations and give them a chance to see things that we often take for granted. Your donation will make a difference.

For the students to attend the course this year and participate in the Beethovenfest in Bonn, it will cost approx £2,500 (2840€) per student. My initial target will be to cover the cost of one student to attend the 2011 summer academy. I will be training solidly for 12 weeks and will run 13 miles on 19th June at the Cheltenham Circular Challenge.

Please donate and make a different to these musician’s lives.

With tremendous gratitude,
David Edmonds

D. Edmonds

D. Edmonds announced this fundraising event on 24 March 2011.

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