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A second Chance toVulnerable Children

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S. Otieno’s fundraising event


What's it about?

The project is focused in creating a future and transforming our own community into a future in which any child born can be assured of good schooling, a caring community and a decent chance of life by removing the education obstacles they face in their daily life in the slum and rural areas. It’s aimed at setting a real foundation in aid of the less fortunate in accessing education. The project intends to support the education for the needy children through evening school as well utilize the social capital in communities to trigger grass root response towards upholding the rights of children including the right to Basic and Meaningful Education

This program will contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of Universal access to Education in Nyanza. Thorough this Marginalized Children Education programme (MCEP) and advocacy, the programme seeks to achieve the following:

Establishing Evening school programme which will provide educational support to Needy children in secondary, giving more attention to girls’ child education through recruiting and re-orienting into normal learning system, tutorial services, and life skill support.
To Provide a second chance for parentless children, underprivileged, Ages 10 to 19 under a situation of exploitation by providing educational support, guidance through evening Schools and vocational training by which prevent them to being sex workers/bonded laborers

To providing vocational skill training for unemployed/uneducated youth and assist them in obtaining employment thus contributing to sustained efforts to combat the problem of child domestic workers among other situation of exploitation

S. Otieno

S. Otieno announced this fundraising event on 04 January 2011.

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