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jane's fundraising event

jane c.’s fundraising event


What's it about?

After the rebel war in sierraleone: life became miserable for those for traumatized children and old people who was brutally amputeeded, here is link to the story caption, ( (
this horrific incidents which claims more than 6,500 citizen of sierraleoneans with 1,400 foreigners, instigated by former liberia war lord. charle taylor. has thrown the future of the affected amputte victime in doom with no food and clothes to survive with.
I and my 12 members group. having passionately in concer to advocate for material support or cash to help give hope to their life. hereby plead for any support in cash or in kind you afford to donate for these less previledge ones. who dearly need your assistance. nothing is too small. either by sending clothes or package food item to help support centre located at 12 mountain cut freetown, sierraleone. tel 00232-88331719
or send to this account. 5001131760112
God bless yousir/ma.

jane c.

jane c. announced this fundraising event on 25 August 2010.

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