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B. Crook’s fundraising event

Becky's fundraising event


What's it about?

Thank you for visiting my page at Instead of gifts for my thirtieth birthday—such as tea-cozies, bunny-slippers, nail-polish, a new car part, ankle-weights for speed-walking, clip-on earrings, a collection of hand-painted chinese egg-shells, a brass oil lamp with genie, one of those fake fish trophys that hangs on the wall and sings an annoying song when activated by a motion sensor, fair-trade local organic edible deoderant, or any other such thises and thatses—I would love it if you would support my chosen projects on!

I chose a girls education program in Cambodia because I believe that the education of girls is a key to eliminating poverty in the world. I chose the solar project in India because I have read about the Barefoot College and love what they are doing to train women and local people to improve their lives in a wholesome, grassroots way. And I chose SAND Journal because, of course, I am the co-founder of SAND and know how much support we need to continue that project.

And guess what, if I get the most supporters for my "fundraising event," I will win a Geman Football Association jersey with original signatures from the entire team! Mueller. YES.....

And now a bit about
Donating at is safe and easy. forwards 100% of all donations. You can even track the use of funds. Not only is a great way to raise support, but it provides transparency as well, showing
how your donation directly effects the project outcome.

Many thanks everyone! Now, help out and make the world better (and, erm, help me to get the jersey).

Thank you!



B. Crook

B. Crook announced this fundraising event on 13 July 2010.

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