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Tempelhofer Feld Run for Soulspace

Public fundraising event page

Dankjewel! Dankeschön! Thank you!

Sjors Houkes
Sjors Houkes wrote on 26-04-2020
* Als je een Nederlandse vertaling wil, stuur me even een berichtje *
* Wenn du eine deutsche Übersetzung haben möchtest, gib mir Bescheid *

I just finished another run, in similar weather as my Tempelhofer Feld run, and I thought back to that day with a smile. It was really fun to run those 18 km (yes the app says it's 17,95 but they're lying), and your support and donations have been amazing. A few promised donations came in later, but now I can happily close the page.

I just transferred 786,84 € to SoulSpace e.V.! :O

Way more than I expected! This is an incredible present. It makes me very motivated to do this again in the future.

You have helped young people in Berlin to get mental support in a very tough time. You clearly know how important it is to provide this help. Not just professionally either - please make sure your own friends and family are okay too. If you yourself are worrying, stressing, are anxious or down, please always feel free to contact me in any way you want. Don't think that your problems don't matter, or that you need to keep it to yourself. You don't. I'm always happy to listen and help if I can.

You are the best. A big hug from me.