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What's it about?

Back to Sierra Leone
In 2012, 4 colleagues and I went to the Sierra Leone Marathon trip organized by Street Child. After having seen the impact the local Street Child team has with relative small amounts of money (e.g. 300€ pay the annual salary for one teacher), I became a volunteer and 2 years ago a staff member of Street Child. This May I have the chance to go back to Makeni, and thus want to bring some more donations to Sierra Leone in 2018.

Why to donate?
If you like to participate with a donation (also e.g. 5€ are huge), above all, our team in Sierra Leone and I will be very glad. And, here 3 extra reasons: 
  • Special extra 'thank you;: all donations to my fundraiser this year will get a portion of my home made roasted and hand grinded special "Street Child Coffee Blend". This (hopefully) aromatic coffee consist out of 70% Arabica from Nicaragua & 30% from Vietnam. Here some impressions from the making of.
  • You can get a big part of your donation back in your tax declaration. To get you tax benefit as a German resident, just use this page and you will automatically receive a donation certificate. If you are a resident in Spain, please donate on the page of my friend Joan (you will get 75% of your donation back in your tax declaration up to 150€). For UK donors, you can use my friend Phil's page.
  • A free beer will be waiting for you next time I see you;)  

What does Street Child do?
Find and befriend street children and aim to reunite them with a family – usually their own – through a process of counselling and mediation. Settle them in a safe environment and get them back to school. Give access to education to children in rural areas, construct schools and train teachers. Street Child has created first ever access to education for more than 17,000 children in rural communities. Those communities are given grants and support to enable them to generate income to sustain the school and pay teachers until the government is in a position to take over. Helps girls as young as 14 who rely on commercial sex to survive. Provide them with vocational training and a safe place to live whilst they rebuild their lives. Provide medical, psychological and educational support to more than 180 child amputees. Emergency support, reunification with extended family, trauma counselling and family business set up and support to help ebola orphans and get them back to school. 
So what does your money do?
  • Takes children off the streets into a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Provides education where before there was little or none.
  • Saves girls from having to trade sex for food.
  • Gives families help to generate their own income. Thank you so much for your support!

F. Weimert

F. Weimert announced this fundraising event on 11 April 2018.

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