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Andrea B.’s fundraising event

Street Dog Care's New Dog Centre

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What's it about?

How we found our new home!

When searching for a new place, Changu Narayan was a major area of interest, as it is relatively close to Boudha and has farm land, allowing us more space. Two of our adopted dogs, Punte and Korim, were also living there, so we decided to check out some land. While Punte's family was taking us to a possible site, we bumped into a German speaking guide who suggested a nice house with slight damage from the 2015 earthquake that could easily be fixed with expert assistance from an architect and a structural engineer.

Now that we have a bigger place we will go back to taking more dogs in since we had to hault that for the past year.

We are extremely fortunate that our friend Seseg Jigjitova, an architect and long term dharma practioner, has agreed to serve the dogs and volunteer to design the plans for the land. She is currently living in Nepal and we are very grateful for her assistance in establishing the new SDC centre as she is specialized in site planning. Another good friend is Lobsang Sangbo who has agreed to coordinate the practical work required to build our new home. 

The land is about 2 ropani (1000 sqm), which means lots of space for our dogs. The main existing structure comprises two floors, with approximately 35 square meters per floor. We will need to remove the upper floor, with one floor remaining for a big clinic space. However, due to earthquake damage, it needs to be restructured and reinforced with cement and metal rods, in addition to installing a new roof. We will build a fence around part of the land to keep the dogs safely inside, as well as building a small hut with one room for staff and an outside kitchen. We are hoping to move by the end of April 2018.

We will continue working in Boudha and be very active as well as in the areas from Chabil up to Changu. This is the places where we will continue on taking in dogs and work in. We will set up a Vet. technician to be in our Boudha shop who will take care of the dogs directly on the street and assist in bringing them in or to the Vet. if necessary. You can contact them at: 9841075383 (Kamala) or 9813978381 (Junu). 

Saturday camp will continue running as it is now, with our old and well known volunteer and Camp Manager Judith Debbeler from Germany. These saturdays will also be our and days we pick or drop dogs. To keep our presence in Boudha strong we plan to move at the end of April to a new shop closer to the stupa and more visible. Here we will sell our merchandise, have a donation box and it will be a great place to drop any blankets, toys or other things for the dogs. Our Vet. technicians will be available there too for any assistance of dogs in the Boudha area and they will Receive your calls and make visits to sick dogs by scooter. The aim is to treat them directly on the streets and severe cases at our centre in Changu Narayan. 

Andrea B.

Andrea B. announced this fundraising event on 04 April 2018.

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