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Ș. Anca’s fundraising event

A sheep or a cow instead of a present for Stefan!


What's it about?

Life has blessed me with enough lovely friends and material possessions to be thankful for! What better present for my birthday than to help someone else in need?

Some people in my home country of Romania still rely on simple agriculture and animals to make a living and feed their families. With a few goats or a cow, they are able to get access to milk, cheese, wool and (ultimately) meat to feed their families.

With just 100EUR, we can donate a sheep or with 340EUR - a cow to a family in need in Transylvania, Romania.

I will personally follow up on the sheep/cows that we manage to fundraise towards.

Let's do this!

Ș. Anca

Ș. Anca announced this fundraising event on 18 October 2017.

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