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Sara N.’s fundraising event

You can make it my best birthday ever!


What's it about?

Hi I'm Sara.
I will be 11 years old on 23rd March.
I hope that all who loves animals, will help to make it my best birthday ever: No presents for me (!), but please donate 5€, 10€, 20€ or maybe even more... to save the cheetahs in this fundraising.

There are less than 10.000 cheetahs left in the wild. My biggest dream is to work with cheetahs in Africa when I grow up, if there are some left... I hope so!

Please help me to help AGA Artenschutz and Cheetah Conservation Fund save the cheetahs today in this fundraising.

Thank you in advance,

'Sara Gepard'

PS: You can donate just the amount you want to (eg 5, 10 or 20Euro) just change the amount at the top!
PPS: You can also change the amount you want to give to (eg 0, 2 or 4Euro)!

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Deswegen benutze ich Das Spenden über ist sicher und unkompliziert. Ich leite das von uns zusammen gesammelte Geld später an die Hilfsprojekte weiter.

Fill 100x100 bp1486303695 sara4

Sara N. announced this fundraising event on 02 February 2017.

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