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F. Niedballa’s fundraising event

GoVolunteer Job Coaching by GetYourGuide for Good


What's it about?

GetYourGuide for Good 2016 supports GoVolunteer, a country-wide volunteering community that makes integration a reality by involving everyone. How do they do it? By making it as easy as possible for you to play an active part in helping refugees get off to a good start – through a volunteer contribution. 

More than 1 million refugees have arrived in Germany. Most of them are here to stay. To prepare integration into education, work and society, the crucial challenge is to establish personal relationships between newcomers and locals. People need friends that help them learn a new language, deal with daily-life challenges like renting a flat, and feel appreciated in a new surrounding. Volunteering has proven the most successful way to establish those relationships - which are beneficial, informative and fun for both sides. GoVolunteer coordinates more than 1,000 volunteer projects Germany-wide that give newcomers and locals the chance to get to know each other. 

GetYourGuide wants to support GoVolunteer in tackling the most pressing issue of job market integration for refugees. In 2017, GoVolunteer plans to set up a new Germany-wide Job Coaching Program which will include:
  • Interactive Job Fairs: Refugees often lack networks and insider knowledge that can make the difference between failure and success in the German labor market. At the same time, everyone who has ever worked in Germany can share this knowledge for free. Our new innovative job fairs bring companies and newcomers together through interactive learning formats.
  • Starter-Workshops: Interview-Training, CV-Coaching, Speed-Networking – During our workshop days, volunteers that know German recruiting habits well train newcomers in presenting themselves effectively - since the first impression can make a big difference for a career to take-off.
  • Team Mentoring: A group of volunteers (e.g., a company team) accompanies a group of refugees as go-to-persons for all daily-life challenges like navigating bureaucracy, finding a job and a flat, writing an application or caring for one's family in the meantime. The team approach reduces one-to-one dependency and helps building personal networks for newcomers.
  • Language Buddy Program: Attending a language course is one thing, but being able to discuss what you truly care about is a whole different story. Our Language Buddy Program encourages newcomers and locals with a mutual curiosity to interact. This provides valuable language training for the first job in Germany.
  • Infrastructure for education, coaching and exchange: We create new social spaces that gives newcomers and locals the opportunity to get to know each other, learn from each other and collaborate (e.g., so-called 'integration parks' as shown in the video).
  • Volunteering for refugees: Volunteering is a great opportunity to give something back to society, get to know new people and acquire valuable skills. That is true for both newcomers and locals. We want to create more volunteering opportunities for refugees themselves - as low-threshold start into the labor market (and an opportunity to develop networks and references).

We picked GoVolunteer and its Job Coaching Program for GetYourGuide for Good 2016 because we believe that integration is joint challenge for our society and we can only succeed at it if we all contribute. Let's make it easy for newcomers and locals to meet, learn more about each other and collaborate in the world of work. That is the best way to overcome cultural barriers and prejudice and focus instead on the benefits of diversity.

F. Niedballa

F. Niedballa announced this fundraising event on 06 December 2016.

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