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L. Deshield’s fundraising event

donate-to assist adolescent girls in Liberia.


What's it about?

Women in Liberia and many other underdeveloped countries are disadvantaged because of cultural and socio-economic conditions that tend to treat them as mere objects or lower class citizens. They are more susceptible to being raped or abused, with little or no help available to address the lingering impact of their ordeal. We are convinced that helping young girls today would go a long way in reducing the degradation and hopeless that they and their children could face in the future. On more specific bases, we believe that if we address the issue of self-esteem in adolescent girls, the lesson is going to impact their lives in the way they expose themselves to boy/men. This in term is going to minimize the presence of HIV & AIDS amongst adolescent girls, reduces the incidences of communities accepting early marriages, forced marriage, relationships of power imbalance and cohabitating and the access to appropriate sexual and reproductive health information and services.

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L. Deshield

L. Deshield announced this fundraising event on 25 July 2016.

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