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Christoph, Jona & Liv: Geburtstags-SpendenRap 2016

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Be like Liv, change the world :)

Christoph und Jona
Christoph und Jona wrote on 19-03-2017

Hi everyone,
It’s Liv, Jona and Christoph - we hope you all had a good start into the year :)
We feel deeply sorry for not sending you more frequent updates on what incredible impact our donations have already made in Madagascar. We’ve been very busy with Liv, but that’s still no excuse to let you wait for so long.
The good news is: Below is a full update on the real-life difference every single donation had in changing the lives of hundreds of mothers and kids in Madagascar - and with many of our donations funding equipment, staff and training, our donations will impact the world for good for many more years to come. We could not be more thankful and grateful for calling all of you our friends and supporters in creating some little wonders in this world, in places where they’re needed the most.
Enjoy reading! If you have any specific questions, just email me on
Before we go into the specifics -- here are just some cute images from babies that also thanks to us had have a safe and sound birth :) It’s just a few of hundreds. 
I somehow couldn't make the images in this update smaller, so enjoy the full-sized version :)

And here’s what our donations made possible in detail --
We raised enough to let the mobile midwife clinic go into town every friday 

  • In June 2016, right after the Spendenrap, the mobile midwife clinic started to go out every friday to treat pregnant women and needy people. Over 300 treatments have been carried out since then and more are being added every single week. All the women and children are unbelievably thankful for our help, that they normally could never afford to pay for themselves.

We bought a brand new portable ultrasound
  • Our brand new portable ultrasound has been selected by a specialised doctor and the staff has been trained to use it in October. Until today, over 300 women have been checked with it, many multiple times. A lot of complications could be found early on and make a safe birth for the mum and the babies possible.

We funded an additional midwife to ensure 24/7 care 
  • Since June 2016, we have a new full-time midwife in the midwifery - since then we can ensure 24/7 care if necessary. This was the starting gun for the big growth of our midwifery and we hired even more midwifes in the following month. In the second half of 2016, we had 117 births. You really made all this possible. 

We bought an hb meter, doptons and urine tests
  • All women receive 3 routine controls. Thanks to the donations, we now have an hb meter, two new doptons (Herztonhörgeräte) and urine tests. We can test both their blood results and their urine and recognise any complicates early on - and treat the women and baby accordingly to ensure both are safe and healthy.

We bought new tires and batteries for the mobile clining 
  • The new tires and batteries arrived in October. Finally, the mobile midwife clinic drives savely and starts each time :) The generator also works flawlessly. 

We funded many caeserians (Kaiserschnitte) to safe lives
  • Only few of our patients can pay for a ceasearian (Kaiserschnitt). We cannot allow any women and her baby to die, if an operation is needed. Our donations allow us to not think twice and pay for any necessary operation.

We funded a new doctor and training for the midwifes
  • We now have a doctor every morning and improved our trainings with new materials and everything to train our midwifes.

We got a surprise -- New uniforms for everyone “Be like Liv, change the world”Because of our donations exceeding all expectations, Tanja bought new uniforms for the entire team. Pink, chic and encouraging. And the best thing, they just stitched “Be like Liv, change the World” into them. I am missing the words to describe how I felt, when Tanja sent this.
An image of the team :)
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. None of this would have been possible without each of us.

Best,Jona, Liv and Christoph