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L. Flynn’s fundraising event

Norwich 10k run for Skateistan


What's it about?

I am running the Norwich 10k race in August on behalf of a charity I believe is helping to provide a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. Skateistan formed in 2007 and have projects in Afghanistan and Cambodia. Their main aim is to provide skateboarding classes to children in Kabul and Maza-E-Sharif in Afghanistan, as well as Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Projects work with local organisations such as Cambodian Women's Development Agency to engage with the community to help ensure sustainable development is achieved.

In Afghanistan even before Taliban rule, girls were banned from riding bikes. Although it is no longer officially banned it is still frowned upon in this conservative country for beliefs of protecting virginity and preventing travelling. However, girls can ride skateboards. Nearly half of the students at the Skateistan projects are young girls from the age of 5 - 25. Teaching these young girls to skateboard is giving them new freedom, confidence and most importantly fun. All children deserve the right to play.

SO let's raise a bunch of money to support the skater girls and boys of Afghanistan and Cambodia. If like me you grew up playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater you'll know that trying to do a manual is actually way harder in real life compared to doing it on the playstation one. I am currently training for the 10k by running everyday! This is pretty rough on the old lungs as I am quite severely asthmatic, but it's not gonna stop me. So support youth empowerment in areas of the world that need it the most.

Skateistan's headquarters are in Berlin, Germany. This is why your donation will appear in Euros. If you want to read more visit: or message me for more information!

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L. Flynn

L. Flynn announced this fundraising event on 22 March 2016.

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