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Deepak P.’s fundraising event

World Culture Festival


What's it about?

The World Culture Festival 2016 is a celebration of The Art of Living’s 35 years of service to humanity. The festival will bring together people from different cultures, nations and faiths as a one world family in a resounding message of peace. This is the tough time when there is so much stress and negativity in the world events like can bring all relegions, cross all the barriers and spread love and happiness.

3.5 million people, 155 countries, symphony of 10 thousand musicians, more than 30 thousand dance performers, celebrity artists, business delegates, heads of states, religious leaders; all one one stage to renew their commitment for world peace!

Purpose Of WCF

1. One World Family (Vasudhaiva kutumbakam) : WCF will send across a strong message from India to the whole world that inspite of our differences we can co exist as a One world family. Moving from tolerating diversity to celebrating diversity.

2. Reinstilling Faith in Goodness : It is often said that evil thrives in society not because of bad people but because of the indifference and inaction of the good people. WCF will let people know that goodness exist. Good people are alive, dynamic and a team.

3. Congregation of Global Leaders: WCF will provide a platform for political, religious and business leaders to come together and renew their commitment to work for the welfare of society.

4. Creating a buzz to protect the Environment: One of the objectives of WCF is to sensitize people towards environment, preserving and protecting our natural resources. Expressing care and concern for the planet.

5. Reviving traditional Music & Dance: WCF will provide a world stage to traditional musicians, instrumentalist and dance forms from all over the world. Promoting and appreciating each others culture and traditions is a basis of creating a vibrant society.

6. Mahayagya: From 11th March to 13th March 2016, millions will meditate together. The largest group meditation ever witnessed by mankind will create tremendous amount of positivity for the benefit of humanity.

7. Matter of Pride for every Indian: Imagine! Hosting WCF is like hosting a socio-cultural Olympics where everybody wins :) Remember this?

How can you help?

All you need to simply do is click on Donate Now and make a contribution to this campaign page and help me reach my goal in the stipulated time to support this cause so we can all do good together.

You can make a contribution online via your credit/debit card or netbanking and offline via cash pick-up. The funds rasied will go to the NGO The Art of Living which will really help us make an impact & give back to our society.

People donating from Germany will get the tax certificate too.

I am looking forward to your contribution and want to personally thank you for making this happen.

With lots of Love

Deepak Patil

Deepak P.

Deepak P. announced this fundraising event on 12 February 2016.

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