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Valentines Day Quotes Valentines Day Wishes

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J. Poner’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Fill your children with love Valentine's Day! Instead of just writing the same old message "Happy Valentine's Day" in their greeting cards, try something a little out of the box (heart shape)!
valentines day wishes
Valentine's Day is almost here and while you're certainly fretting about what to buy your partner, you can not forget your most valuable valentines-your children. As we age, Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday to spend with our husbands, wives, girlfriends and friends or it acts as a reminder of your uniqueness and offers a day wallowing in self pity. However, when we are children, none of these social pressures facing us, and the Hallmark holiday is simplified and only focused on love, candy, and of course the cards! Who does not remember exchanging Valentine cards with their classmates? It was a big deal seriously, to give and receive cards was a fun activity that was normally concluded with the class of cupcakes and sweets off, talking about glory days. So this year for Valentine's Day, harness your inner Cupid back to those simple moments and celebrate the holiday with your children by giving them a special card from you. Now of course your best card to come with candy or cookies to even think about competing with the exchange of famous fellow, but by writing custom messages and sentimental greeting card for your child, you can make them feel extra loved and especially on an otherwise ordinary day in February. Discover 22 cute messages to your mini kinder valentines!
"Life is filled with many things that make it worthwhile, but none is better than your smile."
"Thank you for filling my life with love."
"Know what I want from you? Everything! Happy Valentine's Day"
"Let your heart's desire come true for each of you today."
"It is so sweet with [daughter / son] like you. Hope your Valentine's Day is very sweet, too."
"Your life can be filled with the kind of sincere beauty you bring to mine."
"Even in a fairy tale where every dream comes true, I could never hope to find a son / sweet girl like you."
"Wishing someone close to my heart warm, wonderful day."
"From the beginning, you stole my heart. Happy Valentine's Day"
"Since you're such a wonderful son, I have a special Valentine gift for you! I promise not to kiss in front of one of your friends!"
"So many of my smiles begin with you!"
"With all the things you do, you share the smiles, laughter too, with all the dreams you make them come true. It is good to have a child like you! "
"You are always in my mind and in my heart. Happy Valentine's Day"
"Your face lights up my world."
"The joy of my heart since the day you were born. Happy Valentine!"
"Hope your day is just as great as you are!"
"You are out-of-this-world amazing!"
"Be my love bug!"
"Whatever worth doing at all is worth doing with you. Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Although I hope you already know, my love for you just grows and grows!" "I love you this much!"
"Sweet treats on Valentines Day help to remember to be gentle with each other. And you are one of the sweetest kids ever!"
valentines day quotes

J. Poner

J. Poner announced this fundraising event on 04 February 2016.

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