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J. Zoltán’s fundraising event

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What's it about?

The poverty is a shackle. It binds the people hands.

When we decided to help people, we didn’t "just" wanted to give them food, clothes or shelter, our aim was not only to help in their current life situation, but we wanted to give them perspective and hope for the future as well.

Therefore our answer for their need was to build them jobs, small family farms, where they can grow and prosper, instead of just survive from this day to next day.

We started our program a bit less than 6 monts ago. In this time:

- Barns, buildings were erected to support the project
- Give livestock - pigs, chickens, geese, ducks (altogether ~1000)
- Several tons of feed is provided for the herd
- Seed added, opened small gardens
- We train the families how to maintain their new environment
- Market and economic opportunities, organize for them to be able to sell their products.
- New renewable energy sources installed next to the small farms, thereby reducing overhead costs.
- We help renovate their homes, we show them sustainable, energy-conscious lifestyle
- Every legal matter was solved, and we have animal doctor too

All of this was built from 2 sources, dontations and from our money.

We need YOU to move forward with more speed, and giving more family hope and to restore the sparkle in their eyes, when they realize this program is working, and it can really give them and their children future.

And even more…

Our most ambitious idea is to connect this family projects into a local society and give a chance for the whole village to restart its life.

We had a dream separatly, and then we realized we share the same dream, from that moment our energy and effort was combined to a single aim. To make this project really happen.

The Shepherd project is based on the European idea of sustainability, self-reliance, rural development, organic farming and the eradication of poverty.

The Project Team

J. Zoltán

J. Zoltán announced this fundraising event on 04 January 2016.

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