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Help For S.’s fundraising event

Help For (Y)Our Soul (Life Support For Summer)


What's it about?

Soul, was found on a rainy, stormy and very cold morning lying beside a street, in a mud and wet leaves, helpless, wounded, whole in pain and almost unconscious, her little and tiny body was so dirty, cold and lifeless, probably already started hypothermia, only her shivering was a sign of a living being and the only indication that there is maybe still a hope for her.

We took her with us and immediately started saving her.

The first thing was worming her body with hairdryer, warm bottles and massaging her legs for almost 4 hours till she get wormed...

Those critical hours she was only shivering, only opening the mouth without voice, just taking breathe. I don't want to remember that poor creature with twisted eyes and distorted limbs. We were shocked what bad has happened to her and so afraid for her life...

And than the moment came, when we saw the first signs of life, when her body stopped shaking and get wormed, when she tried the first sip of warm milk, when her eyes regained again and were shining with unbelievable hope for life.

After a day of agony and battle her condition was a bit better... We realized that her eyes are well and that she can see. Her body was warm already, and her arms and legs slowly straightened again. She started to eat and drink a bit. Happy to save her...after a while there was another strike.

We found there is something wrong with her spine. Her back had a bump and was distorted, so she couldn't walk with the back legs. As a result and consequence of that harm she was also doing her need (pee and defecate) without control.

So, the next step was taking her to the veterinary station.

The vet examined her, made X-ray images and observation. The statement was that she has broken spine, that she will not walk anymore and will also do her need (pee and defecate) uncontrollably...His opinion was that in such condition she can go on with her life only with very weighty and serious care. Only endurable surveillance and monitoring, regular hygiene, regular and routine exercises and massages, a lot attention and lot more care maybe will give her some satisfying life.
Also she will need routine veterinary control from time to time and usual treatments for rehabilitation with veterinarian help.
In spite, the other suggestion was euthanasia.
It was a big shock.
We couldn't allow this lovely and sweet little creature loose the life.
Watching us with her tearful, mellow and beautiful eyes (like bagging for her life) we had no doubt, that we want to fight for her and help her living a decent life which she deserves.
We want to take care for Soul like for the other animals we have and care about (in most cases saved from streets or other misadventures).

So, we decided to take this responsibility and risk to care about Soul too, and make possible all she needs to be and live as a normal animal.

But we need help.

From all of you who know how it is to be in such difficult situation and can understand our and her sad and bad condition.

CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US OUT pay for her bills and treatments, and all her needs.

She needs a "wheelchair" which will help her with the motion and will relieve and simplify her moving, so she can easily experience and understand the life on "four legs".

For her routine and regular hygiene she needs diapers, to lie and sleep on (because she is peeing very often her low body is wet greater part of the day, and to detain occurrence of skin wounds we have to change the diapers all the time).

Also are useful some wet wipes, shampoos and other needs for base and good hygiene...
Some blankets, pillows, baskets, toys...all what cats need.

For her better health and condition she needs better food with more nutritional value and vitamins...and else what will keep her more healthy and more strong in the future.

And everything else that will be your will and your wish to donate and make her happy.

Thank you All.

Here she is, she wants to say something to all of you good people who love to help her.

I am little SOUL...and don't want to remember that terrifying day, when I was hurt so bad, all wet, freezing and left alone... till the moment when a warm hand took my weak body.

The same bad day there was a bright spark when I met the nicest people who saved me and give me the warmth and love I've lost.

Their help and care made me hope again for my life. I am cheerful and want to play a lot.
I like to be like my other animal friends.

To run, run a jump high and chase balls and catch leaves on the wind, to climb up and down the trees...

...but I can't.

Will You help me.

This dear creature is in good hands for now.

Recovery will be long and costly. Please help by sharing or donating !!

That is why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

Thank you!


Help For S.

Help For S. announced this fundraising event on 23 June 2015.

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