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It Begins With YouTh

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P. Mguni’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Blue Cross Zimbabwe is a faith based organization founded in 2014 by Pumuzile Mguni who is a former life coach for Blue Cross Namibia. He then moved to Zimbabwe where he identified the need to start a similar project aimed at improving the life of Zimbabweans. The SACP is the main project which looks at having a close dialogue with the youth, helping them fight the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other related substances.

IT BEGINS WITH YOUTH is a project helping those abusing and being pressured into using alcohol, drugs and other related substances as a way of running away from problems through running awareness programs in schools, workplaces and communities. This will be done through the 3 Key Life-Skills which are:

1. Cognitive and Decision making
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Decision Making
Problem Solving
2. Skills of Living with Self
3. Skills of Living with Others
Peer-Pressure Resistance
Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Proposed Workshop Title: AFRICAN ATTIRE (Getting to know yourself).

Implementing partner: Blue Cross Zimbabwe

Proposed Targeted Beneficiaries:1000 Young People
Zimbabwe is ranked as one of the top African country with high levels of binge drinking amongst youth.A study was conducted on substance use in Zimbabwe (2010) which shows that 65% of the young people who abuse drugs have risen. Young people ranging from the ages 10-24 years have experimented with alcohol, and drugs. 55.6% of adults currently drink and 70% of young people take alcohol and abuse drugs. The need to conform to global trends was cited as one of the major reasons why young people abuse drugs, alcohol and harmful substances. As such this workshop is aimed at getting young people to be comfortable with their African roots so that they have an identity of their own and will not fall prey to foreign/global trends (i.e. in music, fashion and lifestyle) that have led to high rates of alcohol, drug and substance abuse amongst.
• To create awareness on the link between identity and alcohol, drug and substance abuse.
• To get young people’s views on how their perceived identity affects their opinion of drugs and alcohol consumption.
• To tackle identity issues that young people face in a global era in relation to drugs and alcohol abuse
• To brainstorm on ways to reduce alcohol and drugs intake
Expected outputs
• Commitment from young people to spread the word on the dangers of alcohol, drug and substance abuse
• High rate of community and stakeholder buy in the fight against alcohol, drug and substance abuse through advocacy and active activism.
Participant Profile
• Young People (Primary,High School and University Students)
• Junior Council
• Alcohol, Drugs and Substance abuse activist groups and organisations
• Medical and Health Personnel

P. Mguni

P. Mguni announced this fundraising event on 09 March 2015.

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