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S. Smati’s fundraising event

Make Kennedy's dream come true !


What's it about?

Please take your time by helping a child’s dream of going to school come true.

Help Kennedy with the opportunity of going to school like most kids.
It is important to raise that we all had a wonderful chance to go to school and learn from it. That made us the opportunity to get a good job and have a good life.

Some people haven’t the same life like us. Unfortunately, there is a part of world where kids can not go to school because of their life’s critical situation.
Let me tell you that we can give a gentle nudge!

Kennedy is 11 years old and he is already an orphan.
I was heartbroken to discover his difficult childhood. Kennedy’s parents died when he was young due to illness.
It is very difficult to not have the support of one’s own parents when one is a child given how critical parents are in a child’s development. Members of one’s family can help in any difficulties faced. Kennedy didn’t have this support because he was alone.

Kennedy is a very brave young man and wants to go to school. He is very smart and his future looks bright.
His parent’s sickness has made an impact on his life.
He wants to be a doctor to care for people.

I was affected by his story. This is why I really want to help him and give him a chance to go to school.

How can we help Kennedy ?

He will benefit from an education through TANF (The Anidaso Nsae Foundation). Every month costs $40. This will cover his school materials including his health insurance that will allow him to access any hospital. This also includes free health care as well as free medication.
His program lasts 5 years, so we must collect $2400 dollars. This will give him a great education that will launch his future of becoming a doctor.

I am working with The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF), which is a non profit organization. A great person Rev. Laud Kwaku Akuffo is the soul person behind TANF who has made it his mission to get children off the streets and into schools with the money people donate.

If everyone puts in at least $10 we can improve Kennedy’s chances of going to school.

Let’s take your time to think whether this situation was in your own family.

The power to help a child’s life is in your hands.
Donate your spare realize Kennedy’s dream.

God bless you.
Soraya Smati member of TANF

S. Smati

S. Smati announced this fundraising event on 20 January 2015.

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