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Lena D.’s fundraising event

Lena & Niels’ Hochzeit Fundraising


What's it about?

Danke, dass Ihr unsere Seite auf besucht!
Wir (Lena & Niels) haben das Glück, eigentlich schon alles zu haben, was wir brauchen. Nicht allen geht es so gut. Deswegen wären wir sehr dankbar, wenn Ihr für einen guten Zweck spendet anstatt uns ein Hochzeitsgeschenk zu kaufen!


Thank you for visiting our page at!
We (Lena & Niels) are lucky enough to have pretty much everything we need. Not everyone is that fortunate. That is why we would be very grateful if you donated instead of buying us a wedding gift!


Donating at is safe and easy. forwards 100% of all donations. You can even track the use of funds. Not only is a great way to raise support, but it provides transparency as well, showing how your donation directly affects the project outcome.

Danke! Thank you!
Lena & Niels

Lena D.

Lena D. announced this fundraising event on 05 January 2015.

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