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A. Weyerhaeuser’s fundraising event

Year 6 St George's School in support of WBR


What's it about?

The students in Year 6 at St George's School in Switzerland are fundraising for World Bicycle Relief, bringing sustainable change to school children in Africa through the means of bicycles. Most children in Africa have long distances to travel to school every day and with bicycles access to education and healthcare is significantly improved.

The goal is to raise funds for at least 50 bicycles to school children in Africa, changing the lives more than 250 people.

You can buy a whole bike for 110 € or just part of it. And of course, you can always buy more than one.

One bike = 110 €
Heavy gauge steel frame = 40 €
Puncture resistant long-wear tires = 25 €
Durable ergonomic seat = 20 €
Rear rack = 15 €
Coaster breaks = 10 €
High impact pedals with forged axles = 5 €

Please help us reach our goal to mobilise more than 50 school children in Africa!

Thank you for your donations!
Year 6 at St George's School

A. Weyerhaeuser

A. Weyerhaeuser announced this fundraising event on 20 November 2014.

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