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Nepal Friendship Society c.’s fundraising event



What's it about?

Purpose for Charity Run NFS Learning Center:

Nepalese Society is facing lots of challenges. Poverty has become a stumbling block for social development. Quality education can give a way out to problem considering a bad need of it.NFS; an NGO has dreamt a learning center where few deprived children equip with the knowledge to cope the challenges.
Organization: Nepal Friendship Society
Project: NFS Learning Center
Location: Bharatpur-11, Chitwan, Nepal
Program Start and End: 2nd Jan 2015 to 2nd Jan 2016 (One year for pilot project and it can be extended for four years)
GOALS of NFS Learning Center:
The importance of educational goals cannot be underestimated. Its goals are:
1. Personality development (career and leadership building).
2. Develop awareness on healthy environment.
3. Improve economic status.
The program objectives are met through each child's individual educational plan. These plans are based on a series of learning objectives. The learning objectives include all areas of normal development from seven to ten years of age. The program has six developmental levels:
1. Betterment of community through Education.
2. Support for poor/deprived/Marginalized student Education.
3. Basic Skills
4. Pre-Academic Skills
5. Academic Readiness
Progress through these levels is based on achievement in various developmental areas.
• Sanitation ( Household, Society)
• Counseling
• Caring others
• Waste Management
• Courtesy• Social and Emotional Skills
• Reading habits
• Computer Skills
• Speech and Language Development
• Self Help


Lessons are planned and implemented on a daily basis by the volunteer teachers under project co-coordinator. The children are grouped according to their current level of performance. The teacher designs activities for the group, as well as for individual children and pairs of children to accomplish specific objectives.
7 to 10 (Grade 5 -6)

No. of Learners (student): 7 children first phase. (4 Girls and 3 Boys)


Household observation.
Parents’ interview
Learners’ interview
(3 month provisional period for learners after that further decide for enrollment)

Application form
Photographs (4 copies, pp size)
Agreement with parents
Birth Certificate

Source of income: Donation (Personal / Institutional)
Office space: $80 per month (donation for this expense has been confirmed by Kathryn marks, Canada)
Tax for office space: $8 (10%) per month
Stationary for Learners: $30 per month
Stationary for office purposes: $20 per month
Office helper: $60 per month
Electricity bill: $10 per month
Total Expenditure per month- $208
Annual Expenditure: $2496 +$60 festival allowance for office helper = $2554
Income and expenditure are recorded as per accounting rules and regulation and the reports are published annually.

NFS seeks for donor who would like to help poor/helpless children for betterment of their life.
A donor can assist on any of the above mentioned topic(s).
Staffs: Unpaid Volunteer (5 persons)

Each child's progress is monitored daily by the volunteer teachers, and progress towards individual objectives and program goals is reviewed weekly by staff members.
The project coordinator submits evaluation report on terminal basis to NFS.
Parents receive written reports on terminal basis regarding their children’s current level of performance. Parents Teachers meeting are scheduled as per need of an individual learner.

Focal person of the project: Birendra Poudel, Nepal (00977-9845045329,

Secondary contact person: Kathryn Marks, Canada (

Project co-coordinator: Moti Tiwari, Nepal (00977-9841147045)

Registration No: DAO reg. No 12/069/70 and SWC Regd. No 36254
Project Contact Details: Nepal Friendship Society, Bharatpur-11, Chitwan, Nepal
00977-56-531409 Office, 00977-9845045329(Cell)
E-mail- or , Website-

Nepal Friendship Society  c.

Nepal Friendship Society c. announced this fundraising event on 14 November 2014.

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