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S. JIRA’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Thank you for visiting my page at! There is definitely a better way of addressing this situation. The major step should to be gaining new and unique entrepreneurship and business management skills on how to conduct business in a very competitive environment. Skills like how to conduct research in order to identify new business opportunities or even how to re-engineer aged business outfits. Other skills like career orientation resume developing and assessment testing, will go on while assisting the youth to establish their own business or join the established job market.

In order to realize their dreams, the first step for many youths is to identify career opportunities. In Mombasa the people are limited in their choice, partly due to the lack of a professional entrepreneur resource Centre. The youth need a place that will allow them to mix with others and share ideas. A place that will allow them to network with potential employers, that will assist them in their career field, that will help them with their business partners and even funding for their business initiatives. And, therefore, a place, where they are provided with the needed entrepreneurial management skills.

An Entrepreneur Resource Centre therefore provides an ideal opportunity for preparing young people in the community to join the job market in the formal sector. The Centre can provide various services that will include business training, resume development, linking with established firms to offer exposures, career orientation skills, job postings and internships offers.

The Centre Objectives
• To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youths in the community by providing them with relevant business skills.
• To prepare studies, consultation bulletins and other materials to encourage youth entrepreneurship.
• To design business competitions to promote entrepreneurship.
• To partner with established firms so that they can offer internships and exposures to our clients.
• To help youths with the start-up of their business.

That is why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

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S. JIRA announced this fundraising event on 10 November 2014.

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