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P. Kontsereva’s fundraising event

Polina’s 18th


What's it about?

This month I am turning 18 and the best present for me would be if you guys could support

Education is a human right and broadly understood as a crucial precondition for sustainable development, peace and equality. However, access to education is not at all evident in many parts of the world, especially in rural areas of the global South such as Mongolia and Cambodia. The problems are wide spread ranging form no access to education, illiteracy, low quality education or gender inequalities. The root causes of these problems may be even more diverse. Often they are inherent in the local systems and not easy to track.

We are lucky as we have access to education, however, there are many people in the world who can only dream of it. And it truly would be a great present for me if you could help me to raise some funds for bookbridge and give children in Cambodia a better future.

P. Kontsereva

P. Kontsereva announced this fundraising event on 15 October 2014.

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