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S. Odoi’s fundraising event

Help us protect NGO's and Less Privileged


What's it about?

MP SECURITY SERVICES is Private and a Ghanaian owned and international based security company newly registered in the year 2013 to secure lives and properties worldwide.
The management of this company has agreed to be patron and to protect NGOs providing Food & Life Security for each organization globally as Humanitarian Aid, however we would need further assistance to enable us contributing and executing this actions.


International organizations working enough and struggling to provide food and other services to most NGOs in Africa, Asia, Middle East etc., unfortunately, staffs of these organizations complains of missing foods, and other items belonging to Children and other less privileged, whilst others are been defiles both male and female within the NGOs Inn Houses.
We the MPS TEAM has taking upon ourselves to prevent the alleged cases from occurring, whereupon we seek to partnering with other entities and organizations to create awareness and protecting these firms interest.


The MPS would appreciate partnering with companies worldwide to unite and further execute the PROTECTION PROJECT.

The team will need CCTV and other Monitoring devices for proper surveillance at premises, Inn house etc. We would also need funds to pay security guards/officers at every location.

Providing 24hrs rapid responds trucks and vans etc.

Furthermore, all organizations willing to join our team are warmly and cordially welcome.
Thank you!

Management Team

S. Odoi

S. Odoi announced this fundraising event on 08 October 2014.

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