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Economic and food security for the disabled

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D. Georges’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Thank you for visiting my page at! Donating at is safe and easy. forwards 100% of all donations. You can even track the use of funds. Not only is a great way to raise support, but it provides transparency as well, showing
how your donation directly affects the project outcome.visite also my website

That is why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

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This is our project
We have a program of projects to carry rice in the lowlands We will divide the production into four 270 hectare (04) parties.:
a-Part to feed families without forgetting school canteens
b-the second other party for the next seed
ie the third party to sell for basic needs (health, school education, decent housing, environmental awareness and commitment to the regional vaccination campaign integrated extended ...
d-the fourth part the form of savings to be managed by the management committee of the village to the fulfillment of other needs in the form of community development projects (health infrastructure, equipment and preventive actions, school infrastructure, equipment and equity derivatives, water, animal husbandry, fish farming, beekeeping by village or sub-prefecture and all projects related to the environment including environmental awareness and solutions relating thereto without forgetting other project should contribute to the development of man in his environment in which ICT and all other technological innovations rural population needs. These savings allow the villagers to get microcredit and general grants.
And that is why we must discover our environment.
NB: As part of the collective production, each party evaluates tonnes.
Everything you've read already enough to arouse your heart layout on your participation (technical, material, economic or financial) if you fully involved in the process of improving the living conditions of populations.before reacting, you must first talk with us by mail, by phone to reassure you.go to our website.

1 - In (01) the village
250000 F CFA = 250,000.00 USD = 183,847.70 EUR
2 - In a sub-prefecture
2500000 F CFA = 3,811.23 EUR = 5,196.64 USD
3 - In the region of 270 villages with Guémon
67 500 000 F CFA = 102,903.09 EUR = 139,938.51 USD

D. Georges

D. Georges announced this fundraising event on 21 June 2014.

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