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v. goethals’s fundraising event

Virginie Runs Fuji for Morningtears


What's it about?

Dear friends,
After several one stage 100 km races and multi stage 250km races, I will tackle what once time seemed impossible to me, but now has shifted to the ‘likely possible’ in my brain. ‘If your dreams do not scare you, you do not dream big enough’....’
On April 25, I will take part to the 168 km one stage Mount Fuji race in Japan (, in maximum 48 hours. I will dedicate this run for a second time to Morning Tears, because I believe in the work this amazing charity does: they offer a home and support to kids who have been left behind, all over the world including Europe. Most of the kids have a parent in prison for a life/ death sentence, because he took the law in her own hands to protect her kids against violence of all sorts. In China, Morning Tears also works with the Chinese Government, to try to build safeguards to prevent domestic violence.
Proceeds of this run will specifically go to build a psychological assistance center in Zhengzhou, where the kids will have a chance to gain back confidence in life. This is a new and unique psychological assistance centre in China. There Children will have a chance to receive quality psychological care and attention to their problems, which will allow them to grow up in dignity and give them a fair chance in life.
All this challenge can not be possible without your financial and emotional support; without the smiles of all the people that I meet on my training runs, my husband and kids, the confidence and advice of my personal champions Annabell Chartres and Isabelle Dufour, Racing the Planet community, especially Shane Knowler and Terumasa Moro for taking me up in their team. Thank you to all of you ! Every raindrops counts, and if you cannot support, please help by forwarding this to your friends ! Thank YOU ! Virginie

v. goethals

v. goethals announced this fundraising event on 23 March 2014.

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