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Top world traders

A. Rosca’s fundraising event


What's it about?

My name is Allan, I’m a 21 year old student. For the past 4 years I grew an active passion for Economy and Entrepreneurship, Stock Markets and Trade. So I founded my own company. My goal is to provide a sustainable growth platform for talented traders around the world.
Alongside two other experts in the business I have developed a trading strategy that enables individuals that want to take part in our competition to trade Forex pairs wthout any risks. Failure to reach a feasable agreement for both parts in negotitations with several investors left our plan as well as enthusiasm where they are today. Our enthusiasm is yet to be pushed back. Our plan and company yet to come out of its incipial phase. For acountable progress to be made we need €1M in order to grant 94 experienced traders with €10.000 to exchange and make profit from.

My company is called ‘Top World Trader’ and its main responsibility is to organize Live Competitions between our traders on the Foreign Exchange Market. Traders need not to open Live Accounts and invest financial resources in order to prove themselves. But rather to possess the right skillset in order to gain entrance into a world of opportunities and decision-making based development. We are offering traders the possibility to progress without risks, as if they were trading on Demo Accounts. The competition takes place on a monthly basis. In order to take part in it individuals need to go through 4 checkpoints, before the beginning of every competition, which will enable us to clarify where they stand in terms of Financial Market knowledge. Our Operations Management and 5 Ground Rules allow participants to operate with great flexibility. Trading without investing their own money enables them to apply their own vision and strategies to the game with greater freedom by means of conscious decision making we motivate our traders to bear in mind, that they are responsible for their progress. As such, this is a mean for us to grow as a company and guarantee the achievement of our goals and the overall accomplishment of our mission statement.
Following the Testing Period each trader, that has passed, will own a €10,000.00 account that they can manage for 15 business days. Failure to enter the competition once allows you to re-sit the Testing Period for the following month’s competition.
The individuals can choose to trade from wherever they find themselves as long as they have access to the web.
Motivation is provided by two types of bonuses that they can earn – profit barrier / transaction number. Depending on their determination, individuals can earn anywhere between € 3,000.00 and €120,000.00 .
Our competition is called ‘-Will to Power-’ for a reason. Friedrich Nietzsche believed the will, is the main driving force in humans: achievement, ambition, the strive to reach the highest possible position in life.
The amount needed to kick-off with all steam ahead is 1 Million EURO . The money are destined to satisfy the following needs:
• Bureaucratic operations = €6,000.00
• Capital Stock Account = €25,000.00
• Acquiring the Trading Platform €25,000.00
• Admin costs for the first two months = €4,000.00
• Live Accounts for 94 traders = €94,000.00
First year’s profits will be used to make the recruitment process as efficient as we need it to be as well as for opening new positions for other talented traders to take part in our monthly competition.
The second year’s profits will be used to crate our own Trading School.

After in depth research and careful consideration, We have reached the conviction that the Currency Exchange Markets are beginning to play an ever more important role in unleashing the full potential of the Global Economy. It is this shared belief that empowers us to invest all our resources in developing this company so as to materialize the vision, that, in turn comforts and challenges the upcoming social and financial forecast.
Setting this ground braking movement a sail are not Investors but Believers, not wealthy but ordinary people, not skeptic people but the ones that understand that in a fast paced Global Economy this is the way forward, this is the way we can create better and more sustainable opportunities.
If you share my belief in this Enterprise Model and decide to participate in helping it grow, after the first month’s competition, I would like to meet you, make your acquaintance and personally thank you for your decision.

A. Rosca

A. Rosca announced this fundraising event on 08 March 2014.

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