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P. Seakamela’s fundraising event

Rural in the Citi - Pick-up Artist Fundraising


What's it about?

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Rural in the Citi - Art & Publishing Movement -
is an art consultancy and development movement. It was formed with the aim to help uplift rural artists and to encourage their participation as citizens through various forms of art. The movement aims to provide artists with a chance to showcase and sell their work in the cities with the main aim to promote rural art.
The movement also aim to encourage rural citizens to participate in matters that affect their surroundings through art. Challenges such as unemployment, substance abuse and lack of resources are the main issues that need to be tackled in many rural areas. Rural artists therefore use this opportunity to voice their opinions through their art while at the same time conducting workshops in various schools in rural villages across South Africa and beyond.

The aim/objectives:

- To promote diverse, interdisciplinary narratives of contemporary rural arts and culture.
- To give a new rural voice to the city.
- To help promote rural activities and exchanging of ideas.
- To promote art as an educational tool and to address rural and city social disparities.
- To recognise a constructive role that art could play to rural artists.

Rural In the Citi is the preservation of our culture through traditional ways of living. These ways of living are still very much practiced in many rural settings. Finding them a platform or space to strive through cosmopolitan cities which are built on a new global cultures. When rural comes to the city, one does not necessarily need to change their ways but can just easily fit in. The movement is therefore about ensuring that a rural child finds the life in the city easily adaptable.

We are on our way to pick-up rural artists:
Rural artists tend to be footloose. They are not tied to a specific place and work mainly from home. It’s always a struggle to find affordable space in metropolitan areas; rural areas are more of a convenient. Once Rural in the Citi Movement (RITC) hosts a population of artists, they can help the region attract non-artist residents who value the arts as an amenity, and they can engage all residents in relationship-building through cultural activity.

For the sum to be raised:
- We are looking for a series of exhibitions in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town later in 2014. This will be with the rural artists from Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State, North West, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape.
- We hope to host along the way a series of art workshops in schools.
- We hope to pay for Art residencies for some of our members (mainly for exposure)
- We also need transport as this is a challenge in the rural.
- We will need materials for workshops and for artists among other things.

Thank you!

P. Seakamela

P. Seakamela announced this fundraising event on 08 January 2014.

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