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Tradition and modernity

J. Novitskaya’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Hello! We are a part of Scouting Train Project, we are
Tradition &Modernity wagon!

This is how we see our great trip in wagon T&M in summer 2014

1) Being and creating together we’ll break the wall of misunderstanding between participants from different countries.
2) We’ll see the beauty of cultural and scout traditions of countries our participants come from. We’ll keep them in mind and use to our best advantage.
3) We’ll influence on the modernity preparing small socially important projects during our trip ( for example, making toys for Orphanages in Russia, developing new scout programs, creating funny gymnastics for kids camps etc.)

And here you can see our wonderful T&M-confuctor team:

Marta and Maciek from Poland, Gdynya! They’re the inventors of idea of T&M-wagon! Marta is our wagon leader.

Marten and Mesian from Germany, Berlin. They both are open-minded guys with great sense of humor, which is very important part of Scouting train fuel.

Alexander is from Azerbajan, Baku. He is computers and Internet expert, which is very important as our project is mostly being realized on-line.

Pleas meet Yuliana. She is a charming and energetic scoutleader from Ukraine, Kiev.

And this is Julia from Russia, Petrozavodsk. She is smart and creative.

You can help us to materialize our dreams and ideas supporting us with your participation, giving your ideas or donating money for T&M-wagon

Thank you in advance!

J. Novitskaya

J. Novitskaya announced this fundraising event on 31 December 2013.

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