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Ashes R.’s fundraising event

Skate-aid fundraiser - 100km in a single day


What's it about?

Skate or die....

On October 26th Gareth will be skateboarding 100km to raise money and awareness for Skate-aid.

Skateboarding teaches to never give up and keep going. You may fall, it might be painful but in the end. Success. I have personally met so many people amazing from all walks of life in many different places. Skateboarding is a common thread that instantly brings people together. That's why it works well in areas of conflict or poverty. That's why we should all support the great work they are doing. The future decision makers of these countries are the youth of today. Skate not bombs. Unity.

"Skateboarding knows no frontiers and wars, colour of skin or hate, rich or poor: Skateboarding unites and promotes a sense of identity and purpose especially in the development of young people".
Please support the amazing work they do and lets make this fun. The skate radness will take place from Cambridge through Peterborough to Stamford (UK). And will be done on a standard street deck. Skate or die.

In 2010 I fully snapped my ankle off and fractured my shin, leading to months in a wheelchair and reconstruction with metal plates. Robocop. During the last few months I stepped back onto a board, having to re-learn everything and skate a different stance and style. Honestly, all I can do is cruise but my love for skateboarding has made me decide to cruise a long way for this great charity. They are amazing people who do amazing work for these amazing kids so lets keep it rolling.

You can follow the event as it happens at

At Ashes Records we will also be releasing a compilation benefit CD featuring many rad punk bands from around the world. Featuring tracks from Street Dogs, Gnarwolves, Heartsounds, The Stereo State, Far from Finished, The Apostates.... and many many more. Full announcement coming soon!!! All proceed will go to Skate-aid. Unity

Ashes  R.

Ashes R. announced this fundraising event on 14 October 2013.

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