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A. Thiam’s fundraising event

Calligraphy on the mercy sent


What's it about?

Thank you for visiting my page............Following the event of 11 september 2012 which led to as of a series of violence in the world ....Following the anti-islam film "Innocense of muslim "We propose to organise an exibition entitled "Calligraphy on the mercy sent"in honor of prophet mohammed "pbuh"and innocent victims ....And the first of these events will take place in paris after that berlin with the intention,to produce in the biggest cities in the the world ,while having as objective to convey to a message of peace and love trough poetry who can be used as an instrument of peace ,to avoid that such acts never happen again in the future.And the world stop to succomb to violence ,ignorance and provocation...Thats why i would be very grateful if you donate to my project now.....Thank you

A. Thiam

A. Thiam announced this fundraising event on 04 July 2013.

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